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DELIVERY AREA: Madison Avenue to 12th Avenue & 40th Street to 72nd Street. $10 MINIMUM ORDER for delivery. $10 MINIMUM ORDER for Credit Card Take-out orders.

When ordering spicy items, please feel free to use the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS area to indicate the degree of spiciness you desire. ENJOY!

Midtown West
Delivery Menu
Available: Sun thru Thur, 11:30am to 10:30pm; Fri & Sat, 11:30am to 11:00pm.
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Chai Recommended
T1_ Grilled Edamame w/ Sea Salt & Thai Chili Powder $5.00
T2_ Fried Thai Style Chicken Wings $7.00
T3_ Golden Bags w/ Crab Meat & Chicken $6.00
T4_ Grilled Pork Salad w/ Garlic & Lime Dressing $8.00
T5_ BBQ Pork Shoulder w/ Spicy Roasted Rice Dipping $12.00
T6_ Sauteed Vietnamese Chicken
with mango, snow peas & tomatoes
T7_ Salmon Panang Curry Sauce
with baby bok choy
T8_ Fried Jumbo Shrimp w/ Three Flavor Sauce $16.00

01 _ Tom Yum Goong
Black tiger shrimps, mushrooms and exotic Thai spices in a tasty lemon grass broth.
02 _ Tom Kha Kai
Tender chuncks of chicken with Thai spices in our homemade coconut broth.
03 _ Tasty Chicken Clear Soup
Chicken with grass noodles and shitake mushrooms.

04 _ House Salad
Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & tofu topped with our homemade peanut dressing.
05 _ Mesclun Salad
Grilled shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and Tera chips with Asian dressing.
06 _ Papaya Salad
Green Papaya with tomatoes, string beans and garlic lime juice.

07 _ Thai Crab Cakes (2)
Served with lemongrass mayonaise.
08 _ Sweet Corn Fritters
Fresh sweet corn kernels mixed in a batter with Thai curry paste and served with cucumber relish.
09 _ Crispy Duck or Vegetable Spring Rolls (3)
Served with homemade plum sauce.
10 _ Curry Puffs (2)
Light, golden puffs stuffed with mixed vegetables and served with cucumber relish.
11 _ Chai Home Style Peanut Dumplings (4)
Your choice of Chicken or Vegetable.
12 _ Tod Mun
Golden curried fish cakes served with fresh cucumber, crushed peanut and sweet & sour sauce.
13 _ Golden Calamari
Deep-fried slices of lightly battered calamari served with sweet chilli sauce.
14_ Slow Cooked Pork Belly w/ Five Spices Sauce $7.00
15 _ Satay
Marinated chicken on skewers, grilled and served with homemade peanut sauce and fresh cucumber relish.
16 _ Homemade Thai Dim Sim $6.00
17_ Shrimp Tempura w/ Spicy Aioli $6.00
18 _ Yum Ped Krob
Shredded raost duck with green apple, cashew nuts, red onions, scallions and lime dressing.
19 _ Yum Beef
Grilled beef cooked with scallions, red onions and spicy lime dressing.
20_ Garlic Chive Cake
Served with homemade soy sauce.

Seafood & Fish
Entrees come with Jasmine rice. Substitute brown rice for $1.
21 _ Goong Ob Woon San
Steamed jumbo shrimps with Chinese herbs and clear noodles cooked in a clay pot.
22 _ Goong Pa Lo
Sauteed jumbo shrimp with Chinese five spices and crispy garlic.
23_ Seafood Pad Cha
Mixed seafood sautéed with wild ginger and chili sauce.
24 _ Choo-Chee Goong
Shrimps sauteed with homemade red curry paste and coconut milk.
25 _ Seafood Kapow
Mixed seafood sauteed with fresh basil garlic and chilli sauce.
26 _ Mukrob Khana
Sauteed crispy squid with Chinese broccoli.
27 _ Pla Ginger
Crispy whole red snapper topped with ginger, scallions, onions and mushrooms in brown sauce.
28 _ Pla Sam Rod
Crispy whole red snapper with sweet & sour chilli sauce.
29 _ Pla Bai Tong
Grilled fillet of red snapper with Thai herbs cooked and served in banana leaves.
30 _ Pla Lui Suan
Deep-fried red snapper served with Chai special herb sauce, mint, cilantro, scallions, red onions and ground roasted rice.

Poultry & Meats
Entrees come with Jasmine rice. Substitute brown rice for $1.
31 _ Massaman
Your choice of Beef or Chicken with peanut curry sauce.
32 _ Chicken Green Curry
Grilled sliced chicken breast with bamboo shoots and basil in green curry sauce.
33 _ Chicken Yellow Curry
Sliced chicken breast with potatoes and red onion in yellow curry sauce.
34 _ Cashew Chicken
Tender chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts and onions in a delicious light brown gravy.
35 _ Kapow
Your choice of Beef or Chicken sauteed with basil, garlic and chilli sauce.
36 _ Duck Tamarind
Home-roasted half duck with cashew nuts and our homemade tamarind sauce.
37 _ Duck Pineapple Curry
Home-roasted half duck with pineapple and basil in red curry sauce.
38 _ Crispy Duck with Chili & Basil Sauce
Sauteed with basil, red bell pepper, onions, garlic and chili sauce.
39 _ BBQ Beef Thai Style
Thai style sliced BBQ beef served with Chai special dip.
40 _ Spicy Beef Bamboo Shoots
Vietnamese style sauteed spicy beef with bamboo shoots.

Plates & Bowls
41 _ Pad Thai Chai Style
Sauteed rice noodles with grilled shrimp, egg, peanuts, scallions and bean sprouts.
42 _ Pad Sea Eiw
Flat rice noodles sauteed with your choice of Chicken or Beef, cooked with egg and Chinese broccoli in black soya sauce.
43_ Beef Brisket Noodles
Flavourful broth with tender beef slices served with crunchy bean sprout.
44 _ Kao Pad Lychee
Fried rice with lychee nuts served with shrimps, egg and scallions in a flavorful chef's sauce.
45 _ Khi Mao
Sauteed flat noodles with seafood, vegetables and fresh basil in a spicy brown sauce.
46 _ Indo Chicken
Grilled chicken marinated with Asian herbs and served with special house peanut sauce and curry rice.
47 _ Spicy Seafood Noodles Soup
Rice noodles with seafood in spicy brown sauce.
48 _ Tom Yum Noodles
Spicy noodles (choice of rice noodle or cellophane noodles) in tom yum broth Thai style with chicken and ground peanut.
49_ Mee krob Lad Na Goong
Crispy egg noodles topped with shrimp, shitake mushrooms, Chinese broccoli and brown gravy sauce.
50 _ Chiang Mai Noodles
Chicken curry with egg noodles Northern Style.

Served with Jasmine rice or brown rice for $1.00 extra
51 _ Steamed Vegetables with Peanut Sauce $10.00
52 _ Sauteed Vegetarian Duck with Chilli & Basil $10.00
52 _ Sauteed Vegetarian Duck with Garlic Sauce $9.00
53_ Sauteed Spicy Mushroom Medley
with wild ginger & green pepper corn
54 _ Vegetarian Duck with Red Curry or Yellow Curry $10.00
55 _ Mixed Vegetable with Green Curry $10.00
56 _ Crispy Tofu with Chu Chee Curry Sauce $10.00

Side Orders
57 _ Jasmine Rice $1.00
58 _ Organic Brown Rice $2.00
59_ Sticky Rice $2.00

60a _ Thai Iced Tea $3.00
60b _ Thai Iced Coffee $3.00
61 _ San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (8.45 oz.) $2.50
62 _ San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (33.8 oz.) $6.00
63 _ Can Soda (choose from our selection) $2.00


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